Clara Nubiola IN RESiDENCE at the School Salvador Espriu

Clara Nubiola (Barcelona, 1976) focuses her interest on the territory. Through her artistic practice, she develops projects where she can approach the world we live in from a critical, subjective perspective. Urban, rural and bordering areas, the outskirts, urban planning, etc. Since 2011, she has carried out various projects, actions and training programmes in a number of cities and municipalities (including Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Olot, Granada and Seville). Her projects showcase the practice of simplicity and familiar things, with installations and activities carried out specifically within the geographical framework in which she is working, using austere tools such as walking, ink and paper.  She shies away from absolute truths or infinite theories, preferring to approach the landscape through direct involvement, from a perspective of being open to doubt.

She has a degree in Graphic Design from Elisava. She did a Masters in Social and Cultural Anthropology (UB) and a postgraduate course in Territorial Architecture (UPC), but a lot of other things have also happened.  She is currently working on a project for Catalunya Central, with the geographer Rosa Cerarols. The aim is to create a holistic narrative of the territory based on cartography where, using salt as a guiding thread and identifying element of a landscape that used to be the sea, the singular features that identify it are called into question.

 Presentation updated in September 2019

School Salvador Espriu

This is the first time that the Salvador Espriu secondary school (El Clot, Sant Martí) has taken part in the IN RESiDENCE programme, with a group of 3rd year ESO students.


The Institut Salvador Espriu opened in 1996, with the introduction of a new educational system and to fulfil a need which the El Clot neighbourhood had long campaigned for. The centre is located in a new building in Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes. It belongs to the District of Sant Martí, although it is at one end of the district, bordering on the Eixample.


Students 3rd of ESO
Abraham Andrade Gómez, Deyran Arias Burgos, Ángel Cuadros Pazmiño, Anwar Khalil, Vika Kisak, Aina López Closas, Nico Montealvo Aveiro, Camila Navarro Genez, Kevin Osorio Carrión, Joan Perera Torres, Carla Pérez Alonso, Dani Pla Martinez, Samreen Samreen, Sonia Serrano Horrillo, Aleksander Vaelidado and Piero Zuñiga Montalvo

Sergi Abate and Mònica Sandoval

Curation and coordination
A Bao A Qu

Directed by
Instituto de Cultura de Barcelona
Consorcio de Educación de Barcelona

Residence linked to the Barcelona Design Museum